Why lose weight? Most of us do it for the same reasons we clean our house. We want to live in a clean, good-looking, well-maintained living space (our bodies) and so we can show it off at the same time. Just as you like to have a clean house before a get-together, you want a slim, healthy body to show off at the beach or a night out on the town. Whether you enjoy the process of loosing weight or not, you do it to look and feel good. But what a drag it can be…

Weight loss does not have to be this dreadful ordeal that drastically impinges on your life. You can make it a comfortable lifestyle that is relatively uncomplicated and eventually becomes second nature. I just recently talked to one of my good friends from high school; she mentioned how much she appreciated some weight-loss tips I gave her awhile back. She said she has dropped down to 123lbs from 160lbs. I was amazed! Her ultimate goal is to reach 115lbs, which I told her is not far off. So, how did she do it?

Check out these relatively effortless tips to fitting in those skinny jeans:

Trick Yourself
Many of us see a large plate of food with no other intention than to empty it’s contents into our stomachs. Instead of loading up a huge restaurant size plate for your meals, use a bread plate, salad bowl or cup. This might sound or look odd to others, but it is a great way to lower your calorie intake while tricking your mind into thinking you are eating a full helping. If you find the need to go back for seconds, your calorie count will still be lower than if you would have filled up a large restaurant plate.

Fill Up

Sure everyone knows water is essential for healthy living, but it can also aid in weight loss. Simply drink two full glasses (not cups) of water with every meal. Some drink both glasses before starting to eat, others drink one before and one after eating to split it up. Regardless of which you choose, drinking water with your meal will surely eliminate any extra space in your stomach and have you feeling fuller, faster.
*For an alkalizing effect add half of a squeezed lemon to your water.


Speed up Your Metabolism

Most eaters are hell bent on eating to their stomach’s capacity, which is great for the ego but counterproductive to weight loss. Stopping with half of your food left will do wonders for your metabolism and subsequently your weight-loss. I’m not saying throw-out half your meal, just eat half and save the rest for later. Not only will this spread out your daily caloric intake, but you may also find your appetite more content than you originally thought.

Add More Color

People often talk about how much they hate vegetables; however, most have at least one that they can stand putting in their mouth. Figure out what that vegetable is and fill your plate with it along with the rest of your meal. The only responsible way to load up your plate is if greens are on it. They add great nutrition and much needed color to an ordinarily boring meal.


Turn Off the Tube

So many of us pride ourselves on multi-tasking, but studies have shown that incomplete tasks and negligence often are the result. So, put down the paper, turn off the TV and focus on your meal. When you sit down (not stand) to eat, give all of your attention to your food and savor it! This way you are more accountable for what you are putting in your body and you get to enjoy it more fully. It may seem boring and uneventful at first, but it is a great opportunity for thinking and reflecting. Besides, Facebook will always be there when you finish eating.