What Defines Being Physically Fit?
What Lady Gaga Has in Common with Our Fitness Classes in Santa Rosa
Lady Gaga has recently become more normally weighted.
When you open your favorite magazine or tune in to your favorite television show, the actors and stars seem to look so thin and fit, right? And as soon as one of them gains weight, it immediately becomes a viral headline. One of the latest victims of the “She’s Gaining Weight!” headlines is Lady Gaga.
What Happened to Lady Gaga?
When Lady Gaga first set foot into the limelight, she was admired for her unique style, captivating music and her noticeably thin frame. We accepted who she was and never questioned her health. Now, she has gained weight and everyone wants to know what happened to Lady Gaga. What has she done to herself? Why has her appearance dramatically changed? Most have jumped to the conclusion that she is no longer taking care of herself and carelessly overeating.
Why Is Lady Gaga Gaining Weight?
Lady Gaga recently admitted to overcoming bulimia, an eating disorder characterized by consuming large quantities of food only to regurgitate directly afterwards. Fortunately, Lady Gaga is now at a healthy weight and is becoming healthier on the inside. The problem now is the popular singer is being ridiculed and observed by some as being fat. Is this really what we want to convey to the general public? Do we care more about beauty on the outside than heart health, nutrition and overall wellness?
Fitness Classes in Santa Rosa Understand Healthy Weight Loss
The staff and trainers at LiveFit Boot Camp understand that being physically fit means being at a healthy weight appropriate for your BMI, having low cholesterol levels, a strong heart and physical endurance. LiveFit Boot Camp fitness classes in Santa Rosa have nutritionists available to provide healthy weight-loss programs that focus specifically on the correct balancing of diet and exercise. The LiveFit Boot Camp fitness classes in Santa Rosa transform your body into what is specifically healthy for you and they make it fun and easy.
Fitness Classes in Santa Rosa for Long Term Health
LiveFit Boot Camp equips you with the knowledge and understanding of what you should do to live a long and healthy life. Our guided instruction and advice on incorporating good eating habits is easy to introduce to everyday life and simple enough to stick to for the long term. LiveFit Boot Camp believes in you, now it’s time to take the next step by believing in yourself.