Nothing is more inspiring than a personal story of success. Lucy Lewand of Healdsburg is such a story that will make you want to run faster and pump harder. Before starting boot camp in August of 2009, Jeff had faith in her ability to push forward and encouraged her to join the upcoming classes in Healdsburg. At the time her body fat percentage was at 39.8% and she wasn’t willing to let that number rise. Only after 6 months of boot camp her percentage dropped down to 27%! Still pushing forward she hopes to reach her goal of 25% body fat and I have a feeling she is going to reach that if she hasn’t already.
When asked how LiveFit has changed her life, Lucy said this:
“In recent years because of the death of my mom and the economy I have needed to be strong and clear in order for my businesses to survive. I’ve lost 30 lbs and over 10% body fat points. I feel great, strong and fit. I always knew I could do pretty much anything I set my mind to but LiveFit helps me remember that every single day. I absolutely love the challenge and variation of it. Today we carried a 40 lb punching bag while running – I’ve been coming for 2 1/2 years and we’ve never done that before. Because I’ve been so dedicated and committed to the program I feel proud of myself and happy with my body after years of being overweight. I’m able to accept any challenge that comes along. I enjoy being with young people.”
Lucy is a remarkable example of endurance when it comes to boot camp, showing up bright and early at 5:30 am with Jeff. Although she says she only wakes up halfway through the workout, what motivates her to get out there is the fact that it is what she NEEDS. It interferes with nothing except for her sleep, so she makes it a priority to be there. The camaraderie, support and variation of workouts is important to Lucy and the trainers help her with new goals to keep her motivated. Her friends and family are in disbelief of Lucy’s energy and stamina in her new body. They are impressed when she describes the workouts she pumps out every single day at boot camp.
Lucy is so thankful to the trainers at LiveFit for being more like friends that keep her going. Thank you Lucy for sharing your story and being an inspiration to all of us!