Debi Dobley was reaching a milestone birthday and knew she wanted to get fit and lose weight. Her routine at the gym had her at a standstill, and when she spotted a flyer for LiveFit Boot Camp she just decided to give it a try.
And she’s so happy she did.
In the first month, not only did she lose weight but more importantly she felt a huge boost in her energy level and in the way she felt about herself. For the first several months, boot camp was offered 3X per week and then got bumped up to 5X per week and Debi was there every morning at 5:30am. After one year of boot camp, along with changing her diet with the help of Weight Watchers, the reward of all her hard work was a weight loss of 55 pounds. WOW!
Debi has been attending boot camp for 2.5 years and has found that, not only is it addicting, but her body now needs the exercise. She feels that it took about 3 months for the routine to be established and seeing muscle definition, losing weight and having a significant boost in energy level made it rewarding to continue. She appreciates the personalized attention, group support and positive energy that the boot camp classes provide to her.
Over the past year, Debi has participated in over ten 5k or 10k runs, decreasing her time with each run; this is pretty amazing as she admits she hated running beforehand and still doesn’t love it but loves the benefits.
To the LiveFit Boot Camp team she says “Thank you, I feel 100% better about myself and it all started with your program”.
And we say thank you to Debi for being such an inspiration and encouragement!