Realistically speaking, what is the benefit to eating healthy? These days there are a significant amount of people living into their 80’s, 90’s or even older. Considering the longevity these individuals experience in their lives it’s really fascinating to think about their nutritional beliefs. 70 or 80 years ago when these elders were in childhood the use of organic, sustainable or even low-calorie to describe food was nonexistent. Instead, the times were all about cheap and filling foods. Naturally, the babies of the 30’s and 40’s continued on with their lives regularly consuming high-calories, saturated fats and refined sugars. Whole milk for breakfast, white bread for lunch, hot dogs for dinner and butter at basically every meal was the way of life. With that said, these lovely people obviously lived long and full lives, but the question becomes: what complications did they encounter in their life due to poor food choices?

Sure, someone that lives into their 80’s can’t really ask for much more longevity out life, but they can ask for more comfortable time spent. In fact, we must learn from their struggles. Due to complications of an unhealthy diet, life can be 80 years of miserable health issues and aliments. Complications like diabetes, heartdisease, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue and other horrible diseases are all consequences of poor food choices—even more a lifetime of them.

Making the right nutritional choices is not by any means easy—often doing so means more money spent. But so what? It’s fairly well known that cars are a very depreciative investment to make, but what is the best investment someone can make? If asked, many will answer a house, piece of land or possibly stocks. In all seriousness the answer is FOOD! Buying, making and eating healthy, organic and sustainable food is hands down the best investment one can make, no matter how it is looked at. Otherwise, you are essentially saying a material object like a house is more important than good health.

No one knows how long each of us will live, but one thing is certain—investing in good nutrition will help optimize our time spent on earth. Putting the healthiest, most well balanced food in our bodies on a daily basis is one of the only true guarantees to live an optimal lifestyle while we are alive.

As if investing in nutritionally viable food—subsequently our bodies—isn’t enough, doing so actually helps out the community and earth we share. Responsible food choices generally coincide with environmentally sustainable options. In other words, buying local, fresh and nutritionally balanced food will give irreplaceable benefit to the body and the world around it. Investing in healthy food choices will sustain the local economy and environment. Not to forget It boosts your health and perhaps most importantly—puts the freshest, most nutrient rich foods on the table!