These days exercise is all about efficiency—getting the most done in a limited amount of time. Sure, an effective workout is of the up most importance, but efficiency is often much harder to attain. There is only so much time in the day and with all the obligations out there exercise is not a simple task to accomplish.

“How can I change the baby’s diaper, cook dinner and workout all at the same time?”

If only it was possible, I’m sure people would do it. In reality, fitting fitness into the day is all about prioritizing and making a commitment to a better lifestyle. With that said, there is no better option than our very own LiveFit Boot Camp. Consistently attending a camp before or after your daily obligations is a truly commendable accomplishment.

Fitting fitness into your day by any means necessary is what boosts results to the next level. For those looking for an extra edge—which there are lots of you that thrive on—numerous options to further the fitness lifestyle are available.

For a better understanding, let’s plan out your day. You don’t mind, right? Say you work at least 8 hours a day with an hour lunch break. Perfect. You’re probably thinking, how am I supposed to get in a workout? Well, a good place to start is with 5:30
am boot camp (sleep is very nice, but overrated). Now lunchtime, hit the stairs in your office building or the sidewalk out front for 20-30 minutes of cardio. That leaves at least 30 minutes to eat the healthy meal you prepared last night. Okay, decompress after work for a bit and enjoy a healthy, nutrient-filled meal for dinner. Then, take a nice stroll through the neighborhood in the evening. That’s a day!

Let’s be real results don’t come easy. However, fitness is one of the only truly faithful things in this world that rewards for the amount of effort given. In other words, you will get as much out (results) as you put in (effort).

To summarize, here are a few extra efforts to tackle those stubborn results:

  1. Workout. Fitting in a workout is the end all and be all when it comes to results. If there is no workout, results are not to be expected.
  2. Burn calories at work. Hitting the stairs at lunch or going for a walk/run could be that extra calorie killer needed to squeeze into your jeans from high school.
  3. Exercise at your desk. A recent trend gaining popularity is the use of a stability ball instead of a chair. I know! If you haven’t seen it (or even if you have) it’s a little ridiculous. But in all actuality it’s a genius idea. Using a stability ball as achair activates muscles in the legs and chore that would otherwise remain dormantin a traditional chair. And it adds emphasis for positive posture, preventing postural deviations. I can see all your jealous co-workers now…
  4. End you’re day the right way. As a society we have a tendency to become more and more sedentary as the day progresses. Which is fine because our body uses energy stores and needs it’s rest. However, a light walk or run in the evening after dinner will spark that fat burning furnace called metabolism during the lazy hours of the night.