Want to increase your motivation to shed some weight, tone up or get into the best shape of your life? Would $1,000 be enough to get you motivated?
We thought so.
Come One, Come All!! Join the “LiveFit Boot Camp Body Revolution” 9 Week Contest.
Yes….the winning prize is $1,000 plus a variety of mystery prizes. The full rules can be found HERE but the overall premise is you must be a Team of 2 (or a team member can be assigned to you), the Weigh-Ins are Weigh-Outs are held on specific dates and are MANDATORY to attend, the contest is open to the public and the cost is $27 for current boot camp members and $39 for non-boot camp members (that includes a one week free trial of LiveFit Boot Camp!)
Here are some comments that I’ve heard about the contest from a few people who are planning on joining:
“I think it will be motivating to have a partner who is counting on you to do well.”
“A prize of $1,000 is worth working EXTRA hard for!”
“My husband and I are thinking of joining the contest; I think it will be a fun thing for us to do together!”
Hope to see you at Weigh-in! Read more about the contest and how to register HERE.