1. I’m stronger than I ever thought I could be.

    "I love boot camp. I'm stronger than I ever thought I could be. The routines are challenging, exciting, sometimes scary and even brutal. It's all worth it. One of the best parts is when I miss a class or two, the other people in the class harass you about it; everyone wants to see everyone succeed. It's a cool thing to be a part of. And Jeff is alright too..."*…Read More

    Jess P.
  2. I couldn’t be happier with the results

    "I couldn't be happier with the results of the program on my body and overall health! Jeff is great and really puts you in a mood to workout even at 5:30 AM! I've gained strength, lost body fat, and feel absolutely rejuvenated!!!! Jeff, Thanks for all the encouragement! You're great as our fearless leader."*…Read More

    Cheryle B.
  3. Thank you LiveFit!

    "When I started boot camp I was overweight, out of shape and unmotivated to exercise. As my wedding day approached I knew I had to do something to get in shape for my big day. I am now in my second month of boot camp and I have lost 10lbs. I have more energy, more confidence and I feel better about myself. I am looking forward to walking down the aisle feeling confident and beautiful. Thank you Li…Read More

    Alicia F.
  4. I LOVE IT.

    "Boot Camp has changed me and my life in so many ways. I have always been active and trying new workouts, be it weights, yoga, running or cycling. Even with all that I have never really liked my body or been very confident in my self. But this, this has changed all that. I had a friend tell me to try it out for a month, just to try and see if I like it. I LOVE IT. I was challenged and pushed and r…Read More

    Brittany G.
  5. I was hooked to working out

    "I have been doing bootcamp for over a year now and after doing one session, I was hooked to working out every morning. Each day is a different workout where I do not know what to expect when I walk in. I always look forward to the challenging, fun workouts that constantly push and motivate me. I could not imagine my daily routine without bootcamp and I can honestly say there is no better way to s…Read More

    Brianna H.
  6. I am glad I have found a workout and trainer that keeps me both motivated and determined.

    "I am currently in my third session of Livefit boot camp. I look forward to boot camp each day because every class is different, but equally challenging. I am glad I have found a workout and trainer that keeps me both motivated and determined. I look forward to continuing this camp as my pre-wedding fitness regimen and long after."*…Read More

    Jessica M.
  7. I cannot wait to get up and go to LiveFit Boot Camp.

    "I never thought I would love working out, let alone getting up at 5am to do it! I'm not athletic nor a morning person. Now I cannot wait to get up and go to LiveFit Boot Camp. It is my new addiction! It hasn't only changed my body, but my mind as well. I'm in a better mood everyday because of it! I would recommend it to anyone. I know after one class you'll be hooked like I was!"*…Read More

    Jamie P.
  8. Bootcamp has been one of the best workouts I have ever done.

    "Bootcamp has been one of the best workouts I have ever done and Stephen is great at tailoring each workout to be different. I started doing it as a motivation to get back into shape. I run a lot for exercise and don't do much strength training so this has been perfect for me. Just after one month I felt stronger and leaner."*…Read More

    Caroline M.
  9. I am happier with my life and self!

    "I've been taking Stephen's 5:30am class for four months, and I love it! In the beginning, I was unsure about the early pre-dawn class…and I will admit that it's not always easy to get out of bed, but once I'm there I'm happy that I did. Tthe class is fun, unique from any other day's workout, and goes by in a flash. I always leave the class wide awake with my mind and body feeling ready for the …Read More

    Becci P.
  10. I have more energy and stamina than I have ever had.

    "I love these workout sessions! I am 56, and began attending the LiveFit Boot Camp in January (after taking a 2 week holiday session in late December). The classes are held outside and are so much better than the cramped, stuffy rooms at most gyms. Our instructor, Kim, is motivating and encouraging, always changing up the workout routines so that neither myself nor my body get bored. After just 3 …Read More