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Fitness Boot Camps in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, CA

We REALLY do care about your success. Just ask one of our current LiveFit Boot Campers. They will tell you the stories of how we make sure they stay on track in our fitness boot camps and come to class even when they want to be lazy. When new clients join our fitness boot camps, they come to us thinking they are strictly coming for the daily training. Little do they know that they are joining a family. This is a community of people with the same goals and aspirations. You become an important member of our fitness boot camps family. People will want to know why you missed a fitness training session. They want to see you succeed almost more than you do! Trust me, if you miss class they are going to let you know about it!

The benefits of our LiveFit Boot Camp fitness club.
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We are happy to answer your questions about our program whenever you have them. We talk with our clients throughout the week via phone, text, e-mail and Facebook.

Why Will Our Fitness Boot Camps Work for You?

Accountability is one of the key factors to the success of our fitness boot camps and what really sets us apart from other fitness training programs. You check in on a roster at class each day. Your fitness trainer(s) will be tracking your attendance. If you are not coming regularly, you will hear from your fitness trainer and they will do everything they can to make sure you don’t miss any days you don’t have to.

What Type of Exercises Can You Expect in Our Fitness Boot Camps?

Our fitness boot camps incorporate the concept of muscle confusion. Jaron and Jeff write a brand new workout every single day. This is important to make sure both your mind and body never get bored, comfortable, or used to one style of exercise.

What to expect at a fitness training sessionWhy Do So Many People Join Gym, See Results for a Few Months, Hit a Frustrating Plateau and Quit?

It’s because they take their free session with a trainer, learn a routine, and do it over and over again. The body learns these repetitive movements and no longer needs to adapt and change. Our fitness boot camps make sure this doesn’t happen due to our incorporation of muscle confusion. Our fitness boot camps guarantee that you will not be stuck doing the same boring workout routine day in, day out, for months on end.

Our Fitness Boot Camps Strive to Achieve EPOC!

So what the heck is EPOC? EPOC stands for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. Have you ever had a super intense workout, and you hop in the shower to get clean, and when you come out you are still sweating? This is a great example of EPOC. Your body is continuing to consume lots of oxygen to try and bring your body down to its resting heart rate. EPOC is great! Our fitness boot camps push you to achieve this. EPOC essentially turns your body into a metabolic furnace. Because, not only is it important to burn calories during the workout, but also to continue to burn calories at a higher rate throughout the rest of the day!

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