Transform your body with our fitness boot camp!LiveFit Boot Camp is your home for boot camp training. If you live in Healdsburg and are looking for a true burn, then you have come to the right place! Experience a high energy, high intensity, maximum fat burning workout. Our boot camp classes are meant to be challenging, giving you an entire body workout that lasts 60 minutes. Love our class or you get your money back for the first month.

Boot Camp Workouts Work

At LiveFit Boot Camp, we don’t just care about you coming to class, we care about your success. When you join LiveFit Boot Camp, you are not just signing up for a class, you are signing up for a family. Unlike many ordinary gyms where you may have found that after a few months of hard work you hit a plateau, boot camps really work. Our boot camp classes allow for your body to achieve excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). EPOC is accomplished when your body to continues to consume oxygen until you hit your resting heart rate. Boot camp essentially turns your body into a metabolic furnace allowing for EPOC to kick into gear; it is not only important to burn calories during the workout, but also to continue to burn calories at a higher rate throughout the rest of your day! A regular gym workout allows you to feel the burn while you are working out, but then it stops there.

Get fit with our boot camp!By incorporating the concept of muscle confusion, your workouts are never repetitive and keep you on your toes which means always improving your body and its tone. Whether you are a seasoned pro or coming to boot camp class for the first time, you will get a wonderful workout in a fun, high-energy environment surrounded by your peers.

Through LiveFit Boot Camp, you are encouraged by your fellow teammates to push yourself to reach your goals and accomplish what you may have never thought of doing before. Surrounded by others with the same goals and aspiration as you, you will find the drive you may need to achieve your fitness goals. By joining LiveFit Boot Camp, you are gaining a community that will support, push, and motivate you to be your best. If you like a more intimate setting and less of a group atmosphere, LiveFit Boot Camp offers small group and one-on-one personal training as well!

Take the step in the direction towards fitness, the time to let your body shine starts now! Curious about our boot camp classes and workouts? Get in touch with us today to learn more!