LiveFit Boot Camp is Napa Valley’s premier fitness expert. Our fitness bootcamp has been built and guided under the supervision of Jeffrey Sears, one of our fitness coaches. Jeffrey and the staff here at LiveFit strive to bring the fitness that you’d experience in a boot camp to individuals who aim to get fit. The boot camp platform means fast results and noticeable results. With LiveFit Boot Camp, you’ll lose weight where you don’t want weight, you’ll build muscle where you want to build muscle, and you’ll feel full of energy, strong, and more content. Our fitness club is designed around our personal trainers. We work with our members to ensure that they are accountable for their individual fitness. We help you to help yourself through fun and effective personalized workouts. We take health seriously by promoting lifelong health habits and nutritional dieting. When you opt to join our fitness boot camp, you’re opting to better yourself. You’re tapping into a network of highly educated personal trainers. We’re your support, and we’re dependable.

If you’re considering making the leap to personal fitness, feel free to check out our boot camp programs; or take a moment to read up on our mobile personal training programs. You can also read about Jeffrey Sears, LiveFit Boot Camp’s founder, or browse through our calendar to check out our upcoming schedule. And you’re always welcome to get in touch with us by dropping us an email or giving us a call. Check out our contact information here.